About Vintage Leather

About Vintage Leather


We appreciate this type of leather for its matte and velvety surface, pleasant to the touch. In our opinion, it is the vintage leather that best reflects the idea of the craft.

✓ Live skin face

Its surface is not covered with layers of paint or varnish, which preserves the natural beauty of the skin. Finishing occurs with the use of natural fats and wax.

This type of dressing not only does not cover the surface, but even more emphasizes the natural beauty of genuine leather, highlighting the veins, scars and other “drawings”.

✓ Vintage effect

Leather has its own unique features, thanks to which it easily acquires small scratches and natural abrasions, giving the product a vintage charm and personality. That is why we love her. The thing seems to have been with you all your life. If you don’t like the traces of some adventures, they are easy to eliminate.

If there is a slight scratch, you need to rub it with a soft, damp cloth, the wax will melt and fill the mark.

Over time, the vintage leather accessory will become a little softer.

We use Vintage Leather for crafting Sleeve Cases For all Macbook laptops

Macbook Air 2022 M1 M2 13 / Pro 14 / Pro 15 / Pro 16