Vintage-effect leather is genuine leather with a special treatment that makes the product look aged.
During wear, the coating on such products comes off in places of friction, scratches, creases and abrasions appear, which look natural and create a vintage effect. The more you wear an item, the more vintage it looks.

Vintage leather care

At first, the material may lose pigment - this is normal. Don't wear with contrasting items  To achieve this vintage effect, we use genuine Crazy Horse leather in our accessories. It looks matte and feels amazing to the touch. It is similar in appearance and tactile sensations to nubuck, but denser (who doesn’t know, nubuck is high quality leather with a velvety surface).

The trick of this leather is that it is very sensitive to touch, scratches appear on it quickly and easily, so after 2-3 weeks of use you can safely call your accessory unique (since it will bear a unique mark on your life). Over time, the leather is rubbed and sanded, so some marks will disappear on their own.

Products made from Vintage leather have several care features. If you still want to remove scratches, then the surface of the leather can be wiped with a damp (not wet!) cloth.

Even your fingers will do for small and shallow scratches; rub a little and the scratches will become less noticeable. It is advisable to store away from water, and if it gets wet, dry well. By the way, all types of matte leather stain light-colored items a little at the beginning of their use, but after 2 weeks this goes away, as the leather rubs off at the points of contact.