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leather notebook cover, refillable, Leather moleskine cover, a5

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natural leather, genuine leather

This beautiful product is suitable for both men and women.
A perfect gift for all occasions

You get this product with our 40-sheet notebook

You can buy a notebook in your country that is Great for our product.
Moleskin SIZE: MEDIUM (11.5X17.5 CM / 4.5X6.9 IN)

leather soft book is an accessory with an unlimited period of use. Since there is a 40-sheet notebook inside the durable leather cover, which is fastened with an elastic band. When all blank sheets in the notebook are used, it can be replaced with another notebook from Moleskin Notebook or any other notebook of suitable size.
The cover is made entirely by hand from incredibly dense genuine leather. The leather is very pleasant to the touch - you do not want to let go of the notebook in the cover of this skin. Over time, it will only get better, revealing the superiority of natural material.
The soft-book on magnetic buttons closes. Inside there is a holder for pen or pencil.
Natural leather, kraft paper
Buy once, use forever!

Size 20,3 * 14 * 3

Great for Moleskin Notebook SIZE: MEDIUM (11.5X17.5 CM / 4.5X6.9 IN)

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