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Leather wallet 2.0, with metal button. Night blue colour

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11,5 х 9 cm
4.5 x 3.5 inch

Material: natural leather
Packaging: craft box

Bright, beautiful, impeccable – it's all about you and about this wonderful purse!
We did it – we created a purse worthy of you and let your friend envy!

Quality: magnificent natural leather, exclusively handmade – everything in order to convey our admiration to you!
Convenience: configuration is designed for your convenience – everything you need and nothing superfluous!
Colours: choose the colour that suits you today, or buy them all and change every day! After all, they are all so wonderful.


100% Genuine Leather

Warranty and Discounts

5 Years Warranty for all Leather goods

5%  Automatic discount if you buy 2 of more Items

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Delivery is Free

USA - 10-12 w. days / Canada/ UK/ Europe - 10 -14 w. days, Australia - 30 -35 w. days,

for UK and Europe - VAT included, Import Tax not included

Production terms

2-3 days